SignalR Technologies Section Announced

SignalR, a new category in the Technologies section, has been introduced in C# Corner. 

We invite you all, along with our loyal authors and members, to contribute, and post articles, blogs, forums, news etc. for the newest entrant.

ASP.NET SignalR is a boon to ASP.NET developers. It simplifies and makes it amazingly easy to add the web functionalities in the real-time.   

SignalR can be of used at any given time whenever the Ajax long polling is being implemented by the page or the web page is being refreshed for the new data. 

Microsoft’s newest and most desired feature in the ASP.NET web application framework, SignalR also enables and supports applications that require updates at a high frequency. It helps the .Net developer to push the content through the server-side code to the connected clients, in real-time. It uses WebSockets (the new HTML5 API WebSockets helps the server and the browser communicate bi-directionally) whenever they are available and utilizes the other technologies and techniques whenever it isn't. Due to this behavior the developer’s application codes remains the same, saving him/her time. 

The long list of categories, listed in the Technologies section in C# Corner, now also devotes its valuable space to its cutting-edge member from the Microsoft’s ASP.NET family SignalR.

And we once again invite posts from all you guys out there.

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