Silverlight 5 Beta released , Whats New ??

Microsoft announced Silverlight5 release as promised at FireStarter event .

Microsoft just announced Silverlight5 release as promised at FireStarter event in December .First step ,download the Silverlight5 toolkit (Including Developer SDK,Runtime and WCF Ria service Sp2) Beta with link bellow and continue reading ,

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Silverlight5 Beta

What’s New

Well out of so many new features in this release of beta , lets get started with some important updates

  • the most important , XAML binding Debugging
  • Multiple Window Support
  • Ancestor Relative Source Binding
  • Implicit Data Templates
  • Multi-click input on left and right mouse button with Click Count
  • Binding on Style Setter
  • Trusted applications elevation with in-browser
  • Real time Sound (low-latency Audio)
  • Linked Text Containers
  • Custom Mark-up Extensions
  • Built In XNA graphics API
  • XAML Parser performance optimizations
  • Network Latency optimizations
  • Variable Speed Playback (“Trick Play”)

Find the first video available for complete description on features available for Silverlight5 Beta  on site.

Whats new in Silverlight5 Beta

Also check with PluralSight tutorial videos available free for 24 hours only on Silverlight 5 , so its for readers who hit this post with in a day of publishing it.

Free Silverlight5 Tutorial from PluralSight

Free Silverlight5 Tutorial from PluralSight


Download and Links

Download Silverlight 5 Beta and tools  – Here

Silverlight5 Feature List documentation –Here

Silverlight5 SDK Documentation -Here