Simplicity Linux 14.1 Beta Released

David Purse has finally released Simplicity Linux 14.1 beta, a lightweight Puppy-based distribution for desktops and netbooks.
This new release swapped the default browser from Firefox to Chromium. The browser changed was done after observing the CPU usage. According to a blog the Firefox browser uses far more CPU resources than the Chromium and with the high usage it becomes difficult to create an efficient Linux distribution.
Apart from that the new release includes Java to make the Desktop version heavier than before and for your Desktop you get LibreOffice, Skype, Dropbox, OnLive and WINE. Unfortunately, this release did not include VLC or any media player because according to them the users prefer web based access rather than storing their files on the system respectively. But if you want a media player, you can take your pick from the media players available in the sources.
And lastly this release fixed the shutdown problem users faced in 13.10. The release is free but did not provide guarantees of giving 100% or that it will work at all on your system. You can download the Desktop version and the Netbook version from here.