Skype 5.0 comes with a taste of Windows Phone to iOS

Earlier this week, Microsoft announced some big changes to its Skype for iPhone. Now the new focus is on group chats such as when you start Skype 5.0, it all looks like Windows Phone, which is identical to its previous versions for iPhone. The most surprising change is the use of a three dots menu that Microsoft includes in its Metro-style applications to note that there are extra options.

With the all new user interface changes like subtle animations, smooth scrolling and a parallax effect all make an iPhone Skype experience superior to Windows Phone. Along with the design changes, Microsoft will also tweak its messaging and group chat options. Picture messages are now in front and centre with a new attachment icon in the message input area.

Well, these changes should provide some hope for an improved Windows Phone app whose features and design are aligned with iOS. Skype 5.0 for iPhone should be rolling out over the coming days to handsets.


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