Skype 6.2 released for Mac & Windows

Skype has announced the release of Skype 6.2 for Mac and Windows, adding the ability to send Skype gift cards in addition to a re-designed toolbar for PC users, reports CNET.

Image Courtesy: CNET

The new feature is a timely one given the recent launch of Facebook’s gift cards – Microsoft’s instant messenger and Voice over IP (VoIP) service has been integrated with the social network for some time now. Although Windows users will notice a new-look top toolbar, four icons immediately above the Contacts list and Recent Conversations tab provide quick access to Home, Calling Phones, Creating Groups and Adding Contacts.

Skype’s Mac version has also had an incremental feature update in the form of SMS messaging. Users can now send a one-way text message without adding and verifying their own mobile phone number. Both the Mac and Windows versions are available to download now, and also fix a number of small technical issues in the process.


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