Skype 6.25 for iOS Now Available

The latest Skype 6.25 version has been released for iPhone and iPad. This update takes the best new features of iOS 10 and integrates them into Skype experience.
Given below are the new features, available on Skype-
Your Skype call is Siri’s command
As per Microsoft, with iOS 10 and SiriKit, calling someone on Skype is now simpler. You will be using the same voice commands, which you are already using. For example, if you are trying to make a call to Lucy Archer on Skype, if you have her Skype contact information saved in your iOS device, all you need to do is say, “Call Lucy Archer.” Siri might ask you to confirm,if it has the right contact and one click later, your Skype call begins.
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Skype states that it will soon extend SiriKit functionality to Skype for Business iOS in October, providing the business users with similar access, by making use of Siri commands.
Seamlessly integrated Skype contact information
You will now be able to store your Skype contacts in your iOS device. This means that it is now quite easy to start a Skype audio or video call and even Skype IM without going into the app first.
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As per Skype, Skype takes advantage of CallKit within iOS 10 and now all incoming Skype calls will show up just like regular calls. This will make it easier to switch between or answer Skype as well as regular calls, using the built-in iOS functionality, which you are already accustomed to. Starting in October, the company will extend this CallKit functionality to Skype for Business iOS apps, providing business users with the same great calling experience.

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