Skype 7.0 For Android Launched

A major update on Skype last year has introduced a Material redesign for phones which made the app more native to Android. Now Skype is rolling out version 7.0 which brings Material Design to Android tablets with a redesigned interface for devices with a larger screen. Along with the FAB, the new update also brings a multi-pane view and powerful search.
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The company in its official website states,
“At Skype, we want to make it easier for you to stay connected with the people who matter most. We are constantly working to improve and simplify your Skype experience. Last year we launched material design for Android phones. We received great feedback on the cleaner, more polished feel of the app and how the UI added a bit of fun to your Skype conversations. Today we’re pleased to announce Skype 7.0 for Android, which brings material design to larger Android screens.”
Skype has redesigned the tablet UI from the ground up, bringing numerous material design-inspired elements. The new floating action button (FAB) makes it faster to send messages and start voice and video call with friends or groups – all from the main screen of the app. The FAB will completely change your Skype experience dynamically providing you quick access to important features such as messaging, voice, video calls and Skype bots.
Multitasking features

The new tablet design makes it easier to multitask as it comes with a multi-pane view when in landscape orientation. All you need to do is simply flip your device and you’ll be able to send messages, files and check your latest conversations while on a video or voice call.
Powerful search
Skype 7.0 brings new improved universal search to Android tablets, making it easier and quicker to find contacts, chats, groups and Skype bots, right from the main screen of the app.
Invite your friends to Skype
Whenever you sign in to Skype you will be able to see your device’s entire address book contacts displayed in your Skype contact list. If they aren’t already using Skype, then you can invite them to join. All you need to do is click the “invite” button next to their name and they will receive a message with all the information required to get started.
You can easily download Skype from the Play Store.

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