Skype For Linux Adds Video Calling

It was just a few months back when Skype for Linux Alpha was announced, and now the company has gone on to add a new feature, which was earlier missing – ‘video calling.’

The company states,

“We launched Skype for Linux Alpha a few months ago but we were missing a key feature—video calling. Today, we’re pleased to begin the rollout of one-to-one video calling on Skype for Linux Alpha.”


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Even though the Microsoft owned communications service has been existing on Linux for quite some years now, and the users have also been complaining that it was lagging behind its counterparts on Windows and Mac, and that it was rarely updated. The latest WebRTC – enabled version of Skype on Linux promises a better responsive interface in addition to more features, which Skype is known for, which includes sharing of files. Skype is also famous for its ability to make video calls, and hence was quite a major omission from the Linux embodiment.

The new Skype for Linux remains in alpha for now, however it is noteworthy that group video calls are yet not an option and it will only work on one-to-one calls. Alongside, it will only be available for calls between those using Skype for Linux alpha client, however, it promises to open cross-platform compatibility in the upcoming weeks.

Skype states,

“We’ll be enabling other Skype platforms to receive calls from Skype for Linux Alpha in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!”