Skype For Launches Worldwide With HD Video Calling Support

Microsoft launched Skype for worldwide. The company had formerly presented Skype for in a preview mode for U.S., U.K., Germany, France, Brazil and Canada.

According to Microsoft, Skype for allows you to connect with your Skype friends from your inbox. But to use this feature, one need to first download the web browser plugin, which is available for IE, Chrome, Firefox and now, Safari, browsers. You can even use your Microsoft account, if you haven’t signed up for Skype yet.

At the same time, Microsoft has also added support for HD video calling for the PC users. To access this feature, both the users need to have compatible HD displays, web cams, messaging clients, and broadband internet, the company says. Among the various bug fixes, Skype also resolved the issue of the calls, ongoing to ring after pick-up when users were running the plugin and Skype on their desktop at the same time.

For additional technical details visit the Skype Community. The latest version of the plugin also has Mac support for Safari, now. You can download the plugin here.