Skype from Apple Watch

Microsoft’s Skype team just released a new version of Skype, Skype 5.13 for iPhone with web link previews for chat on iPhone and let you chat using your Apple Watch.

Announced via a blog post:

“At Skype we’ve been working hard to bring you a great chat experience that puts your conversations first. Today in Skype 5.13 for iPhone we’re starting to release web link previews for chat, bringing you quick, rich ways to share information and content with the people who matter most.”

“In 5.13 when you send or receive a web link you’ll now get a preview of the content, making it much easier to see the cat video or information that’s been shared before you open the link.”


The app also provides a better way to manage communication on Apple Watch. Some of the Apple Watch improvements include reply to chats from your wrist, start conversations with the people who matter most, and manage incoming calls on your wrist.