Skype New Insider Program For Android, Mac And iOS Users

Microsoft is currently launching a new program to allow Skype users to test new features before they are rolled out to everyone. The Skype Insiders Program has been launched along with an Xbox Insider Program. Skype users will now be able to sign up to access early features along with service improvements.
Skype users will now be able to test the all new versions of the software for Android, Mac, iOS and Windows along with the existing stable versions. Microsoft is currently testing the new versions for Android, Mac and iOS , with the Android and iOS versions including most bug fixes.
Beta version of Skype for Mac client includes emoticon search along with tweaks to options for the purpose of forwarding calls and voicemail. The company is still testing its Skype Universal app for Windows 10 through the main Windows Insider Program; however, you will be able to gain access to any desktop app changes through the Skype Insider Program.