Skype Version 6.15 For Mac Improves User Experience And Stability

Microsoft officially announced the release of Skype 6.15 for Mac OS X. This update provides a more stable experience for users when they use VoIP and IM software on their platform.

According to Skype this release focused on “improving user experience and stability” along with containing fixes for crashes and system closure reports.

In addition to this, Skype has also fixed the two known issues of Skype for Mac Version 6.14. The first issue was that the animated emoticons were using too much CPU and the second one is related to the crash of the screen at the time of sharing on MacBook Pros. To fix the second issue Skype suggested the users of the MacBook Pros to update to Mac OS X 10.9.2.

As usual, Skype encouraged users to provide their feedback in order to address any newly emerged issues. Download Skype for Mac version 6.15 and read more about it on the Skype Garage & Updates blog.


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