Sony develops a battery that runs on paper

In this news you will see, Sony develops a battery which run on paper.

Sony is Japanese multinational electronic company. At the Eco-Products 2011 in Tokyo, Sony developed a bio-battery that can be run on paper. This is not first invention of Sony because Sony had developed a sugar powered battery in 2007.


The greatest innovation of Sony was Walkman in 2007. Currently Sony has developed a battery which runs on paper.

Sony uses an enzyme called cellulose in the water mixture to break down the paper to glucose sugar. After breaking down the paper, the enzymes were left with sugar that had been created from the cellulose. then sugar is processed by enzymes and oxygen and converted to hydrogen ions and electrons, which provide the fuel for the battery.

This battery uses fruit juice as a fuel, and can generate enough power to play a melody from inside the car. This battery generate small amount of power which can run MP3 player. This battery does not contain any harsh chemicals or metals.