Sony Is Reportedly Developing A 4K PlayStation

Sony might be working on a new version of the PlayStation 4, which is able to output 4K graphics for games, according to the Kotaku reports hearing about the PlayStation 4 upgrade from numerous developers, who Sony has briefed about the plan. It is yet not known when the PlayStation will be ready and how it will be sold, but the implication is that Sony would, potentially, by next year begin selling the 4K compatible PlayStation along with the existing PS4.
A 4K PlayStation would need stronger graphics capabilities compared to the current PS4. Kotaku reported that the upgraded model, which according to the developers is colloquially being referred to as PS4.5, will include both an upgraded processor and GPU. Both would be a necessary requirement to output PS4 games at 4K resolution, which would require more power compared to pushing a game out at 1080p. Currently, PS4 supports 4K videos and photo, but not games.
Though this upgrading a console mid-cycle is an uncommon move, (but not unheard of) it would make immense sense in this particular case. TV sets are currently transitioning to 4K, and more affordable 4K sets are making their way to the market. Microsoft has already suggested that the Xbox One would be getting hardware upgrades; hence it is not a big surprise that Sony is taking the same approach.

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