Sony PlayStation VR To Be Launched In October

During GDC 2016 in SF, Sony took the stage to show the consumer-ready version of its PlayStation VR headset. The wearable PSVR will be launched in October, for $399.
Let us now discuss the specifications of PSVR:
There is a natural isolating quality when putting on a virtual reality headset. An area where Sony in particular holds an advantage over PC gaming is in regards to the living room. In order to keep VR games and console gamers engaged, PlayStation will offer local multiplayer, a “Social Screen.” It will allow PS4 to power the TV as well as PSVR display so anyone with a PSVR headset can sit still on a couch and play along with their friends.
For all dedicated PlayStation gamers, you might have everything which you require to welcome PSVR in your home setup, which includes the PlayStation Camera, which will act as an eye seeking out the pair of Move controllers or a DualShock 4, and the LED- emblazoned PSVR headset.
Field-of-view (FoV) is among the most apparent metrics in virtual reality headsets for achieving immersion and presence. The higher the FoV, the lesser its will seem like you are looking at the content through a pair of goggles.
Sony has informed us that the FoV of the PSVR is 100 degrees.
Play Station has the advantage of knowing the system limitations of all its users and hence, it is able to build a headset which maximizes the power of the PS4 system.
The PSVR will be operating at a constant 120 Hz refresh rate, a system level standard which is a bit higher. This refresh rate is powering a 5.7” OLED screen operating at 1920x1080.
Screen Door Effect (SDE) is quite a common term in VR which refers to the unsightly visible black lines between pixels that makes it appear as if you are viewing content through a screen. Sony claims that their subpixel screen design significantly lessens visible SDE by having red, blue and green subpixels making up each onscreen pixel.
Currently, there are over 36 million PS4s out there ready for the VR.