Sony Testing Online Entertainment Network Store

According to a find by Eurogamer, Sony has begun testing the web-based version of its Playstation Store, prior to a formal announcement by the company. Eurogamer discovered the test site today, which in addition to selling games offers TV shows and movies. 

Sony Entertainment Network 1.png

Fred Dutton, manager of the Sony Computer Entertainment Europe blog, confirmed the trial testing and stated that the company looks forward to an announcement for the Playstation and Sony community.

As Cnet reports, the new marketplace is currently available only to customers outside of the United States. It has also been a bit buggy today as it is still a test, though an update to the Eurogamer report does provide instructions on syncing with PS3.

Sony's move to create an online marketplace for its entertainment offerings mirrors Microsoft's established and is a sign that the company, along with rival Nintendo, is catching up as the gap between gaming and entertainment closes at the point of content delivery.