SQL Database Serverless Preview Announced

According to Microsoft, Azure SQL Database serverless preview will be available soon.

Recently, Microsoft announced Azure SQL Database serverless preview.
According to the company, Azure SQL Database serverless is a new compute tier which will optimize price-performance and simplify performance management for databases with intermittent, unpredictable usage.
Here, Serverless technology automatically scales compute for single databases based on workload demand and bills for compute used per second. When you use Serverless database, it automatically pauses during inactive periods when only storage is billed and automatically resume when activity returns.
This way, Serverless helps developers focus on building apps faster and more efficiently. Serverless databases are always up-to-date, the company claims, as well as highly available, and you also benefit from built-in intelligence for further security and performance optimization.
 The company described that a database in the serverless computer tier is parameterized by the compute range it can use and an autopause delay.
serverless sql database 
Source: Microsoft 
To learn more you can visit the official website.