SQL Server 2019 CTP 2.5 Released

Microsoft has released the community technology preview 2.5. of SQL Server 2019.

Recently, Microsoft announced the monthly release of SQL Server 2019 community technology preview 2.5.
SQL Server 2019 preview 2.5 
Source: Microsoft 
SQL Server 2019 is the first release integrating Apache Spark and the Hadoop Distributed File System  with SQL Server in a unified data platform.
With preview 2.5, SQL Server is bringing a new deployment mechanism that uses configuration files to deploy cluster. This will allow you to start from the built-in configurations that come with the mssqlctl utility and customize them to accommodate the platform you want to run the big data cluster on.
For streamlining the deployment process, mssqlctl utility provides an interactive deployment experience guiding you through the steps to initiate the deployment with prompts for required inputs.
Using mssqlctl –version command you can now make sure that you installed the right version of the utility.
Talking about Database engine, PolyBase will enable you to run a T-SQL query inside SQL Server. This will allow you to pull data from Cloudera or Hortonworks and return it in a structured format, without moving or copying the data.
With the new release, you are also getting the ability to install PolyBase on Linux platform for the first time including the new connectors in SQL Server 2019 for additional data sources such as Oracle, Teradata, other SQL Servers, and MongoDB.
Moreover, you can now use the new Java language SDK for SQL Server which simplifies the development of Java programs that can be run inside of SQL Server.
To learn more, you can visit the official announcement here,