SqlCeToolbox 4.7.x Available Now

SqlCeToolbox 4.7.x is available now on Github.

SqlCeToolbox 4.7.x is available to download on Github now. SqlCeToolbox now lets you create EF Core model from databases including SQLite, SQL Server, and SqlCe.

SqlCeToolbox developed by EricJ, is an extension for Visual Studio and SSMS that allows developers to work with these databases.

This version of the tool now has the following upgrades and features.

New features

  • New code generation option for SQL Server, SQLite and SQL Compact: Entity Framework Core Model (in progress)
  • New code generation option for SQL Server: Entity Framework Code/Database First from DACPAC using EF Reverse POCO Template
  • SQLite database script now includes views and triggers
  • SQLite views: added "View Data as Report" option
  • SQLite database: added Maintenance menu with Vacuum and Re-index
  • Support for VS 2017 RTW
  • [SSMS] Toolbox lists connected databases from Object Explorer (on-demand)
  • [SSMS] Get data directly from a SQL Server Compact table in a SQL Server database via OLEDB and SQLCLR
  • [SSMS] Initial support for SSMS 17.x



  • SQLite triggers moved under related table in Explorer tree
  • SQL panel in Edit Data grid now works much better with keyboard controls
  • Added Connect and New Query buttons to Explorer Toolbar
  • SQL editor queries now run in background, preventing app from "freezing"
  • Made VS 2010 edition available (on demand only)
  • EDMX generation no longer available/supported (use EF Tools + Toolbox DDEX provider for this in VS 2012+)


Bug fixes

  • Unable to script SQL Server computed, persisted columns
  • FixConnections could throw due to not catching SqlCeInvalidDatabaseFormatException
  • Individual SQL query editor windows options did not stick
  • SQLite CSV import used invalid datetime format in generated INSERTs