Stack Overflow Documentation Now Available For Microsoft Developers

Developers must be quite familiar with Stack Overflow, the community that boasts around 4.7 million members, and is one of the most important repositories of knowledge, for all kinds of programmers. All those who are working with Microsoft technologies, will now be able to make more use of Stack Overflow. Redmond has announced a new partnership with the platform in order to support the new Stack Overflow Documentation for Microsoft developers.
 Microsoft in its official blog states,
 “Today we are announcing a partnership with Stack Overflow to support Stack Overflow Documentation for Microsoft developers. As part of this effort, we are letting our users know that Stack Overflow Documentation content will be integrated into API reference content in the future. Microsoft has long been a partner with Stack Overflow in the form of sponsored tags, and the launch of Stack Overflow Documentation enables the community to have an easy way to create and vote on code samples using the .NET Framework, Xamarin, and other Microsoft products and technologies.”
The new Stack Overflow Documentation beta is being flaunted as the largest expansion to Stack Overflow since it was first launched. It is the now the new developer documentation platform for Stack Overflow members, who are mainly focusing on code examples instead of the usual Q&A. Documentation is being expected to be the new home of instructional programming knowledge or general reference which is quite often left out during the ask-answer session because Stack Overflow moved further towards Q&A.
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 Microsoft has a long relationship with Stack Overflow, sponsoring its related tags on platforms such as; .NET Framework or Visual Basic, and now, it is also among one of the pioneer supporters of Documentation. The company will soon be integrating Documentation content into its own API reference content at They have also planned to provide a tour of the Stack Overflow Documentation for .NET developers, which goes on to cover activities, such as viewing the example code and requesting a topic.

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