Stratis Announces Project Titanium

Project Titanium aims to create an additional sidechain, known as Web Assembly Sidechain (WAS), based upon Ethereum 2.0, utilizing the eWASM. 

Recently Stratis announced Project Titanium, which aims to create an additional sidechain, known as Web Assembly Sidechain (WAS), based upon Ethereum 2.0, utilizing the eWASM. 

Stratis said that among the momentous developments within the blockchain space as a whole is Ethereum 2.0. Stratis successfully achieved interoperability with the Ethereum blockchain a few months ago via its InterFlux hub; however, Project Titanium is taking a radical approach.

Web Assembly Sidechain, Stratis claims, will bring unrivaled performance, using a standardized instruction set architecture, enabling more programming languages out of the box, like C, C++, Rust, and GO. The chain will offer direct support for all contracts deployed on the Ethereum 2.0 blockchain, creating immediate migration possibilities and presenting like migrations as a viable solution. Apart from contract support, applications built to support Ethereum, like MetaMask and many others, will be supported natively.

Source: Stratis

Stratis said that as part of the Project Titanium, Ethereum 2.0 evolution will be closely followed, with an internal testing deployment of a WAS based on Ethereums Goerli Network already in the pipeline

Stratis said that it will continue to make use of the existing block validation mechanisms and ensure that IDGB pursues to secure all chains attached to the Stratis Mainchain. Following this approach, Stratis offers a genuinely decentralized alternative to Ethereum and other Ethereum based platforms like Binance Smart Chain.

According to Stratis, existing IDGB members will contribute block validation and creation with all chains under the InterFlux branding, producing a single pool of Masternodes securing all chains. This approach offers high levels of decentralization and mitigates risks and scrutiny linked with highly centralized chains and solutions.

About Stratis:

Stratis Ltd. is the creator of Stratis Platform, a blockchain technology platform for enterprises to build enterprise-grade blockchain-based solutions using Microsoft’s .NET framework and C# language. Stratis Platform is easy to learn, adapt, and integrate with existing enterprise applications. The platform offers both public blockchain and private blockchain solutions. Product offerings from Stratis include Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), Identity Platform, Supply Trust, STO Platform, DiFi, and Smart Contracts written in C# and executed on native .NET CLR; making it appealing to organizations that want to build blockchain solutions on Microsoft stack.

You can visit the Stratis Platform here.