Stratis Build Hackathon Launched - 100K USD Prizes To Be Won

Stratis Platform launched Stratis Build Hackathon with 100K USD prizes to be won.


Blockchain is one of the fastest-growing technologies of this time. More and more corporations are looking into blockchain use cases and implementations. C# Corner has always been the place to cover bleeding edge technologies including blockchain and hence, C# Corner Partnered with Stratis to bring Blockchain technology learning and adoption to its millions of members. The goal is this partnership is to produce learning content, hackathons, projects, books, and certifications for C# Corner members to learn Stratis and build business dApps. If you want to learn what Stratis Blockchain is, check out Introduction to Stratis Platform.

Seeing the bright future of Blockchain, Stratis Blockchain launches its 3rd developer hackathon "Stratis Build Hackathon", where blockchain enthusiasts and developers, or students who want to learn and implement Blockchain, will get a chance to showcase their blockchain and innovation skills, and also WIN some awesome prizes.

About Hackathon

Stratis Build Hackathon is a 9-week long virtual hackathon. As a part of the hackathon, participants will build a new functioning solution/app utilizing Stratis Platform and its features such as smart contracts, NFT, and others that can innovate industries such as banking and financial services, international trade and commodities, supply chain, energy, identity, Internet of Things, government, healthcare and medicine, automotive and gaming.

Participants can build solutions for the latest blockchain-based areas such as NFTs, DeFi, and crypto exchanges. 

Prizes to be won

Prizes worth $100000 to be won:

  1. $30000 Grand Prize
  2. $5000 Bonus Prizes

Duration of Hackathon

Hackathon will start on 29th November 2021 and end on 30th January 2022.


Result will be announced on 23rd February 2022.

Submission Categories

You can make your submission to solve any problem, the only requirement is that your submission utilizes Stratis Blockchain Technology. Given below are some of the submission categories

Blockchain Gaming Submission

Gaming submissions should include an end-to-end game, incorporating Blockchain Technology in some respect. This can be through the employment of an earn-to-play model, the issuance of non-fungible tokens, or utilizing Smart Contracts to offer a genuinely trustless experience for the gamer.

Stratis provides Software Development Kits for both the Unity Gaming Engine and the Unreal Gaming Engine to assist with the game integration process.

DeFi Submission

A DeFi submission can implement a lending protocol, trade management solutions, and anything related to financial services on the blockchain.

NFT Tooling Submission

An NFT submission should focus on tooling around the management, creation, and utilization of NFTs. For example, an NFT Platform, NFT Creation Tooling, and anything related to the management of NFTs. An NFT Collection can also be submitted but must stand out and be highly unique to pass judging criteria.

Stratis Platform Tooling Submission

A tooling submission must focus on bringing additional tooling to the Stratis Platform, such as an SDK that caters to an alternative programming language, or as another example, a wallet implementation.

Judging Criteria

The judges will be asking: does the tool provide a useful function, is it accessible and engaging to use, is it doing something innovative, how well does the product function? Submissions can cover any software application, such as the web, cloud, personal computer, mobile device, or console, but they must utilize Stratis Smart Contracts in C#.

About Stratis

Stratis Ltd. is the creator of Stratis Platform, a blockchain technology platform for enterprises to build enterprise-grade blockchain-based solutions using Microsoft’s .NET framework and C# language. Stratis Platform is easy to learn, adapt, and integrate with existing enterprise applications. Stratis offers both public blockchain and private blockchain solutions. Stratis’s product offerings include Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), Identity Platform, Supply Trust, STO Platform, DiFi, and Smart Contracts written in C# and executed on native .NET CLR makes it appealing to companies that want to build blockchain solutions on Microsoft stack.

Visit to learn more about Stratis Platform.

About C# Corner

C# Corner ranked below 3,000 globally is one of the largest online communities for software developers. Focused around the Microsoft stack, C# Corner reaches more than 5 million developers each month and provides daily updates on software development news.

C# Corner was founded and run by veteran Microsoft developers including several Microsoft MVPs, regional directors, and certified trainers. Mahesh Chand, the founder of C# Corner, is a 14-time Microsoft MVP and a former Microsoft Regional Director. Mahesh is also a published author and has issued half a dozen books on C# and .NET.

C# Corner is a members’ contributions-based community where members publish daily fresh content on learning and building better software and share their expertise via Blogs, Forums, Videos, Live Shows, and Speaking at Conferences and local User Group Chapters.

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Stay tuned to C# Corner for more details on Stratis Build Hackathon.

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