Stratis Ecosystem Is Growing Rapidly

Several exciting developments initiated at the Stratis platform over the past month.

There have been some exciting developments at Stratis platform in the past month including Stratis’ first decentralized NFT platform, the inception of the Stratis Blockchain R&D Center in India, and Stratis’ $100,000 Hackathon.

Stratis Build Hackathon

Following the success of the first two hackathons, Stratis launched the 3rd edition "Stratis Build Hackathon" on the 29th of November. In the hackathon, blockchain enthusiasts and developers, or students who want to learn and implement Blockchain, will get a chance to showcase their blockchain and innovation skills, and also win some awesome prizes. 

The 9-week virtual hackathon's Prize Pool boasts $100,000 USD, including a $30,000 Dollar Grand Prize. The hackathon will close on the 30th of Jan 2022 and prize winners will be announced on Feb 23. The hackathon also has a bunch of sponsors, including the CMS, APPG, and Triad Group Plc. CMS and Triad are also offering a bonus of $5,000 to entries that meet some of their specific requirements. You can get more details here.

Stratis Blockchain R&D Center

Another exciting development was the launch of the Stratis Blockchain R&D Center in collaboration with the C# Corner and GLBITM - GL Bajaj Institute of Technology & Management - in India. 

"Today, the technology innovation is at its fastest pace ever and there is a huge shortage of talent in IT and this demand will continue to grow. Many emerging technologies such as blockchain, AI, and Cloud are in high demand. By introducing Stratis Blockchain at G.L. Bajaj Institute will help us prepare a future skilled workforce that can quickly be integrated with existing projects. I’m highly optimistic and excited to see how this partnership can turn into creating a productive job-ready workforce for businesses.", commented Mahesh Chand, founder of C# Corner and CEO of Mindcracker Inc. 

Stratis NFT Marketplace

Another major highlight in November was the announcement of the imminent release of the Stratis NFT platform, Stratisphere, the first and only platform within the industry to offer zero fees.

To celebrate the launch of Stratisphere, the company will distribute the first 2000 of the 20,000 NFTs from The Astroverse Club via giveaways on the platform’s Twitter account. You can follow Twitter account @StratisphereNFT to take part in giveaways as well as to be the first in line to learn about new collections launched on the platform.

Cirrus Tokens Begins Trading 

Cirrus token (CRS) began trading on DigiFinex on the 22nd November 2021. Cirrus tokens are required to pay for smart contract transactions conducted on the Cirrus Sidechain for DeFi, NFTs, or other uses. 

Having recognized that it is optimal to execute smart contracts on a sidechain rather than the Stratis mainchain, Stratis devised the Cirrus token to avert the mainchain congestion as seen in common blockchains like Ethereum.

As the Stratis ecosystem is growing rapidly, and with the launch of the Stratisphere NFT platform the demand for smart contract execution will soon surge.

To help the community master Cirrus and STRAX transfers the platform also has added a series of tutorials to its YouTube channel, Stratis Platform.

NFT Games

Games Red Runner and NFT Knives have been updated with new functions that can reward the player with various tokens. Red Runner now include features like a non-custodial wallet, NFT minting, and a play-as-you-earn (P2E) function that rewards the user with tokens based on the distance they advance and the coins they rack up in a session.

Stratis is also working with the upcoming Dawn of Ships to develop an immersive and interactive game that allows the player to obtain and use NFTs as they play. Users can follow @DawnofShips for updates on when Dawn of Ships will launch.

Key developments also include Stratis commissioned industry-first research into NFTs and blockchain and a Genesis NFT collection that is minted explicitly for InterFlux Decentralized Government Board members.

Stratis is a powerful and flexible Blockchain Development Platform designed for the needs of real-world financial services and businesses. Visit to learn more about Stratis Platform.