Stratis NFT Marketplace Coming Soon

Stratis NFT marketplace - Stratisphere will soon launch. Astroverse NFTs exclusively available on Stratisphere.

Stratis platform will soon launch its own NFT marketplace - Stratisphere, the company announced via Twitter. Stratisphere will be the first and only platform within the industry to offer zero fees.

Stratis said that most of the other NFT Marketplaces charge final value fees similar to eBay; however, in the case of the Stratis Platform, all proceeds will be received by the seller, minus any encoded royalties for content developer, of course.

Stratis said that its InterFlux technology will also be integrated into Stratisphere to offer full ERC721 support in order to enable the seamless transfer of NFTs between the Stratis and Ethereum blockchains. This will enable popular NFTs, like the CryptoPunks, to be transferred onto Stratis Blockchain for a zero-fee exchange within the Stratis NFT Marketplace.

Because of zero fees and low minting and exchange fees, which will be 99% cheaper than the prices seen on Ethereum, Stratis platform is confident that the Stratisphere will be a success. The company is already in talks with well-known artists and celebrities interested in creating and publishing a collection on the Stratis NFT Marketplace. 

Well, there have been multiple developments concerning NFTs and the Stratis Platform as of recent times. The firm also released an exclusive Genesis NFT Collection. The collection was minted explicitly for InterFlux Decentralized Governance Board members who operate and maintain a Stratis Sidechain Masternode. The firm plans to utilize these NFTs for upcoming events, making their ownership as a requirement for events, special giveaways, and more. An additional collection specifically for Stratis community will also be released in near future.

Stratisphere is also in highlight because of the Astroverse NFT Collection giveaway in which the first 2000 Astroverse NFTs will be distributed as part of several giveaways on stratisphere.

You can follow the @stratisphereNFT Twitter account to stay up to date with the launch, features and drops.