Stratis to Sponsor Rockin’ the Code World Show

Stratis Platform to sponsor for the Rockin’ the Code World with dotNetDave show.

Stratis Platform, a blockchain product for C# and .NET developers will sponsor for the Rockin’ the Code World with dotNetDave show, a weekly Live Dev talk show features popular developers and expert guests from Microsoft .NET World. The show is live streamed at CSharp.Live and YouTube, Twitter, and other channels.

Some of the past show guests include leaders, veteran speakers and authors from Microsoft world including Microsoft product managers, RDs, and MVPs. 

The weekly show is hosted by David McCarter, a veteran author, trainer, speaker, developer and several time Microsoft MVP and reaches several thousand developers each week. The show will bring awareness of Stratis blockchain among .NET developers and guests.

The show is streamed at 10 am Pacific Time each Saturday. Check out more details, past episodes, and set a reminder here on CSharp.Live website here: Rocking the code world with dotNetDave.