Surface Duo Emulator Adds Supports For Jetpack Window Manager Preview

Microsoft announced the latest Surface Duo emulator preview, which features Support for the Jetpack Window Manager preview.
Well, recently, Google updated the addition of the Android Jetpack WindowManager to support various new mobile form factors, such as foldable and dual-screen devices. Microsoft said that it welcomes these additions. These new AndroidX windowing concepts like DeviceState and DisplayFeature allow developers of Android apps to create compelling user experiences for these unique form factors.
Microsft said that the Surface Duo device will include androidx.window.sidecar support when it launches and update to androidx.window.extensions when these are officially released.
Developers will be able to use these new foldable/dual screen AndroidX APIs in their app when running on the Surface Duo and other dual screen devices. Microsoft said that it encourages developers to make use of the Jetpack library to create dual screen experiences.
Source: Microsoft 
To learn more you can visit the official announcement here.