Surface Reveals New Dual-screen Devices

Microsoft introduced the Surface Neo and Surface Duo, new dual-screen foldable devices, for mobile productivity.

Recently, at its October event, Microsoft announced two new dual-screen devices: Surface Neo and Surface Duo, offering dual screens and new UIs.
The Surface Neo is the larger of the two foldable and runs on Windows 10X, while the Surface Duo, 5.6-inch screen, is powered by Android.
Surface Duo is a miniaturized version of the Surface Neo. The design is quite the same - the foldable smartphone comes with two screens attached with a hinge design, letting you to fold the device like a book. Unfolded, you get two 5.6-inch screens with thick bezels on the top and bottom.
Interestingly, the two screens can run a single app or two different apps at the same time. Also, you can use the Duo in landscape mode, turning one screen into a keyboard. The Surface Duo will be launched in the market in the latter half of 2020.
The Surface Neo is a bigger version of the Surface Duo, comes with two 9-inch displays with a 360-degree hinge design. Neo runs on Windows 10X, which is designed particularly for dual-screen devices. The device is powered by an Intel Lakefield processor.
Also, Surface Neo comes with a Surface Pen that magnetically attached to the back of the device.
Well, we will have to wait to get exact specifications, details, and pricing as both the Surface Neo and Surface Duo will release in the latter half of next year.