Sway Brings In New Update For iPad And iPhone

Microsoft Office 2016 was recently released worldwide. The new office 2016 came with application customized just for its users, and it supports Windows 10.
Microsoft states,
“Sway was built from the ground up for seamless co-authoring and it provides powerful design assistance hosted in the cloud. The powerful Sway app for Windows 10 combines the full richness of Sway on the web with additional capabilities on your PC or tablet.”
Sway was launched in August and Microsoft is continuously releasing new updates in order to improve the application. The recent update has made Sway compatible to iPhone and iPad.
Microsoft in their blog post states,
“We’re excited to announce that OneDrive for Business integration is available for customers signing in to Sway with Office 365 work and school accounts, as well as updates to Sway for iPhone and iPad.”
Sway update for iPad and iPhone
The all new and improved update for Sway is available for use on iPad and iPhone. The following features has been improved and updated:
  • Now your sway is more active and you can use it while travelling. You can now change the complete layout of sway, to optimized for presentation, an option which has recently been added. You can also, reform your multimedia by using Slideshow, Grid group and comparisons. 

  • The new update has made it faster to switch from Edit to Preview. You can now refresh your Preview too.
  • Inserting images has been improved, and now you can add numerous images at once.
Image Source: blogs.office.com
You can now download the new Sway update from App Store.
Sway supports OneDrive for Business
Image Source: blogs.office.com
With the all new Sway update, it is now easy to keep all your media together. To sign in all you need to do is log on to Sway for windows or Sway.com with Office 365 school or office account. For more information, check on the official blog.

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