SwiftStack Announces SwiftStack 7

New SwiftStack 7 brings improvements for performance, data utilization, and services at ultra-scale.

Recently, SwiftStack announced enhancements to its data platform for performance, data utilization, and services at ultra-scale.
The company said that the new SwiftStack 7 easily enables demanding workloads like advanced ML, media analytics, and scientific research, in environments like autonomous vehicle development, ingest and processing of 4K/8K video, and other compute-intensive processes.
According to SwiftStack, its platform hosts data sets that scale to hundreds of petabytes and even exabytes, allowing data access at unprecedented speeds(more than 100GB per second) to thousands of workers. New SwiftStack 7 provides features to enable this ultra-scale performance, distributed ?ash-based caching, data immutability, and work?ow integration all with standards-based APIs.
swift stack 7 
Source: SwiftStack 
New enhancements include Ultra-scale Performance Architecture, ProxyFS Edge, 1space File Connector, and SwiftStack PRO.
With the latest component of SwiftStack 1space, the 1space File Connector, you can bring existing enterprise file data into the cloud namespace. This enables cloud-native applications to access data via S3 or Swift object APIs without complex migration.
George Crump, Chief Steward at Storage Switzerland, said,Large enterprise customers need to architect a data pipeline and framework to deliver business outcomes and intelligence, and SwiftStack’s software is a strategic component supporting these modern applications.”
SwiftStack 7 is scheduled to be released this November, with the ultra-scale performance enhancements and the 1space File Connector. ProxyFS Edge(currently in beta) will be generally available in 2020, while SwiftStack PRO and the SwiftStack AI Architecture are available immediately.