Switch Easily From Gmail To Outlook With Microsoft’s New Tool

Microsoft published a blog post detailing how easily users can import their mail from Gmail to Outlook.com. This is credited to the recent addition of IMAP support for Outlook.com. This tool lets Outlook users to access Gmail contacts and Google Talk with the Outlook.com webapp. 

It's no secret that around 400 million customers have swapped their account to Outlook.com and Microsoft is looking forward to attract more users, especially those users who are still with gmail.

According to Microsoft, it offers features users desire most for their personal mails like advanced spam filters, no interfering ads, an easy user interface, and no scanning email contents to serve up ads. Microsoft is rolling out these new alterations to make it easier for the consumers to change their account from Google. 

Users have to simply follow a process to import all their emails along with the contacts and the overall arrangement of the account. The swap will add your Gmail account as a ‘send only’ account so that the users can send their mail from that address to Outlook.com. For transferring your mail to Outlook, user must have an Outlook account, and then the user can either click "Start" or go to Options so that the Gmail messages gets copied into a new set of subfolders.

Now the user has to sign-in to its Gmail and grant access to its Microsoft Account. Once it’s done, your mail will be copied and you will be redirected to the Outlook.com. Step-by-step instructions are being forwarded to the users so that they can make more modifications to their accounts as per their requirements.

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