Tableau 2020.2 Released

Tableau 2020.2 introduces Relationships, Metrics, and Set Control.

Recently, Tableau Software announced the general availability of Tableau 2020.2. Alongside new features the latest release includes a brand new data model that simplifies the analysis of complex data with no coding or scripting skills required.
Tableau 2020.2 also introduces Metrics, a new mobile-first way for customers to spontaneously monitor KPIs. You will be able to instantly access these features, as well as brand new connectors for geospatial data, by upgrading to Tableau 2020.2.
Tableau Software said that its new data modeling abilities make it even simpler to analyze data across multiple tables at different levels of detail. The new release brings a simple and visual drag-and-drop experience. Now you can create relationships between tables that automatically create accurate aggregations. 2020.2 removes complex coding and reduces the risk of inaccuracies encountered with traditional database joins.
James Baker, global director of business intelligence at JLL said "Historically, we have spent a lot of time designing and building underlying data models in our warehouse to optimise for analysis. With relationships, we can seamlessly bring in multiple tables, automatically aggregating at the right level of detail without any calculations or custom SQL, reducing the total number of data sources we need to manage."
Metrics provides a simple way to monitor KPIs for your organization, providing you a custom, at-a-glance view of the most critical data, streamlined in one location. Metrics gives you a curated and consistent view in an on-the-go format that puts critical insights in the hands of anyone. This eradicates the necessity for decision-makers to dive deep into multiple dashboards or adjust filters to see the most up-to-date data, and instead provides KPIs in a view as easy to understand as checking a bank account balance.
Additional updates in 2020.2 include Esri ArcGIS support, Ask Data improvements, and Advanced Data Management features.
To learn more you can visit the official website.

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