Telstra Launches Cloud Gateway

Telstra has recently announced business multi-cloud connecting solutions in order to support the use of hybrid cloud services which include those from Microsoft, Amazon Web Services (AWS), VMware, and IBM.
This solution is known as Cloud Gateway, which allows customers to directly connect with multiple public cloud environments through Telstra's IP network.
According to Zdnet, the Cloud Gateway will enable Australian customers to easily connect to Microsoft Azure, Office365, AWS, IBM SoftLayer, and VMware vCloud Air, while international customers will only be able access AWS and IBM SoftLayer for now.
According to Philip Jones, executive director of Global Products and Solutions at Telstra, hybrid cloud provides an extra effective solution compared to single cloud services, and Cloud Gateway supports the security, performance, and efficiency challenges built in to a hybrid cloud.
Jones also informs users that the company believes just because these solutions are sophisticated; it does not mean that it will have to be complex. Cloud Gateway is a simple way for the company to connect multiple clouds and create hybrid environments.
The Cloud Gateway will be launched in June.
This announcement of Cloud Gateway and the addition of AWS to its suites of accessible cloud services follow Telstra in February, announcing that it would be co-hosting a hybrid cloud innovation centre with AWS and Ericsson.
As per the announcement at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2016 in Barcelona, this partnership will see Ericsson use AWS’ industry experts in an effort to expand its own cloud programs, datacenters and application migration solutions in order to accelerate cloud adoption for telcos in preparation for 5G and Internet of Things (IoT).
AWS will provide services, training and solutions architects for the project. Ericsson will utilize these resources in order to create and offer cloud-based solutions, such as end-to-end security across the cloud, data traffic management across AWS cloud, on-premises infrastructure, and mobile networks; cloud and workload management for both AWS cloud services and on-premises infrastructure; and gateway services that maintain localized regulation and compliance requirements for AWS storage services used by telcos.
Telstra has been focused on cloud services offerings of late, and in January, it acquired APAC cloud services company Kloud and invested in Chinese cloud company Qiniu.