TensorFlow A New Machine Learning System

Google has launched TensorFlow, a new machine learning system through an online open-source library.

Google has launched TensorFlow, a new machine learning system, which has been made available to all developers through an online open-source library.
The existing machine-learning by Google is known as DistBelief, has internally used to do things, such as automatically identifying and labeling items from YouTube videos, and photos, and also for improve speech recognition. However DistBelief has its own limitations, it was narrowly targeted to neutral networks, and it was also difficult to configure. Hence, making it impossible initially to share research codes.
In the blog post, Jeff Dean, senior Google fellow, and Rajat Monga, technical lead states,
“Today we’re proud to announce the open source release of TensorFlow -- our second-generation machine learning system, specifically designed to correct these shortcomings. TensorFlow is general, flexible, portable, easy-to-use, and completely open source. We added all this while improving upon DistBelief’s speed, scalability, and production readiness -- in fact, on some benchmarks, TensorFlow is twice as fast as DistBelief."
This machine has high scalable machine learning system, which can easily run across numerous computers in the datacenter and also on a single smartphone. TensorFlow can be used for everything, from voice recognition in the Google app to SmartReply in the inbox.
In the official blog Google states,
“TensorFlow is faster, smarter, and more flexible than our old system, so it can be adapted much more easily to new products and research.”
Google in the blog concludes,
“Machine learning is still in its infancy—computers today still can’t do what a 4-year-old can do effortlessly, like knowing the name of a dinosaur after seeing only a couple examples, or understanding that “I saw the Grand Canyon flying to Chicago” doesn’t mean the canyon is hurtling over the city. We have a lot of work ahead of us. But with TensorFlow we’ve got a good start, and we can all be in it together.”