Tesla to reveal its new, futuristic electric pickup Truck

CEO Elon Musk has tweeted that the vehicle is set to be unveiled on November 21

A teaser image released earlier in the year of Tesla's new pickup truck (photo courtesy of Tesla).
Tesla has just announced that it will unveil its anticipated pickup truck on November 21st. CEO Elon Musk has called it the "Cybertruck," apparently due to its futuristic, Blade-Runneresque design.
Though the truck was meant to be unveiled earlier in the year, the company decided to push back the date. The event is set to take place at Tesla's design studio in Los Angeles.
Musk described the appearance of the truck as "heart-stopping." If he is is true to his word, then the design of Tesla's new truck should certainly be striking. It should feature a cyberpunk aesthetic, which was showed off in a teaser image of the upcoming vehicle. 
The image released resulted in a number of artist renderings of the full truck, but in reality, none other than those in the Tesla circle really know what to expect.
At only about 1 - 2 percent, electric car sales do not make up a large portion of the market. However, they are slowly but surely growing in popularity. Meanwhile, pickup truck sales have recently been growing at an incredible rate. It didn't take long for companies to put two and two together, as Ford has announced their own electric pickup truck as well, a modified version of the F-150. 
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