Test Beta Versions Of Google Maps Now

Reportedly, Google has opened a Play Store testing program for the early release of its Maps app for Android. If you sign up to become a beta tester, you can easily download and install the new version of Google Maps,  which is yet not ready for official release. That starts with version 9.27, which does not have any noticeable changes for now, considering that the app was updated to 9.26.1 just a week ago.
Image Source: play.google.com
Google has long invited everyday Android users to join in on beta tests of popular apps and services. It does so with a special Google Group managed online. During Google’s I/O developer conference, the company announced a new and more open initiative in order to bring the entire app beta program directly to the Play Store.
Now you will easily be able to join testing programs right from the app’s listing and easily remove it yourself from the same page in the store. New updates can also get pushed out directly in a similar manner as standard apps. Finally, this has given Google a solid channel to test new releases more thoroughly than before.

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