TFS 2018 Update 1 RC Now Available

Microsoft has recently released a new release candidate for Team Foundation Server 2018 Update 1. The company has also informed that the original model of TFS will be the same, which will be a major release with 3 related minor releases. The contents of Update 1 will be changed to release the bug fixes.
The major updates in the RC1 of TFS 2018 Update1 include-
  • Git Virtual File System (GVFS) now can be served as TFS proxy.
  • Now you can pass test parameters while running automated tests using a .testsettings file by accessing information via a TextContext object in the text code.
  • Automated tests using TestCase as a data source can be run using VSTest task in the CI/CD pipeline.
However, the company is looking forward to releasing some more updates and bug fixes, according to the blog, scheduled as-
The company has also made some significant bugfixes in Code, Test, Upgrade and Installation, and the administration sections. Like the previous stable versions of TFS, the full-fledged version of TFS 2018 is expected to be released in November, that aligns well with the Microsoft Connect event. 
For further information, you can go through the official release notes or read the official blog written by Brian Harry MS, the Vice President for Cloud Developer Services at Microsoft.

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