The Contract For The Web Comes To Life

Sir Tim Berners launches the contract for the web

The Contract for the Web is officially launched. The contract was created by Sir Tim Berners-Lee(the inventor of the web) as a global plan of action to make the online world safer and accessible by anyone.
Well, last year, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, had called the governments, businesses and citizens from across the world to take action in order to protect the web as a force for good.
The contract provides a roadmap embodied in 76 clauses. It has the backing of more than 160 organizations including Microsoft, Google, and Facebook.
"For the first time, we have a shared vision for the web we want and a roadmap for the policies and actions we need to get there. And we have a powerful new tool to hold companies and governments to account - to ensure they’re living up to the commitments they make. " wrote Berners-Lee’s Web Foundation
The Contract defines policies to ensure companies place these considerations front of mind. It also defines policies and proposals that no users is excluded from using and shaping the web.
And crucially the Contract also calls on all citizens to create strong communities that respect civil discourse and human dignity.
Roya Mahboob, NewNow Leader and CEO of Digital Citizen Fund, commented: "The Contract gives us concrete actions to build a web that works for future generations, especially girls and women. Women face a disproportionate set of barriers in accessing education, setting up businesses or working outside the home across the globe. We need to see the web as a pathway to unleash their power."