The Contract For The Web Released

Web Foundation asks your say on the first draft for the Contract for the Web, which consists of nine founding principles.

Web Foundation has released the first draft text for the "Contract for the Web" that brings governments, companies, and citizens together around a shared set of commitments to build a better web
The final draft of the contract will be launched at the end of 2019.
Sir Tim Berners-Lee had announced this project in November last year. He called for governments, companies, and citizens to come together to commit to building a better web.
Since announcing, more than 115 civil society groups, around 250 companies, many governments and thousands of individuals from over 170 countries have signed up to back the nine founding principles of the Contract for the Web.
Source: Web Foundation 
Web Foundation said that five working groups have worked for months to build the contract’s nine founding principles into clauses that will drive progress across several focus areas.
Web foundation said that it wants your feedback inform this process. The company had more than 8,000 individuals pledge their support for the contract principles. Web Foundation needs the feedback from you on the first draft of the full contract.
The company has opened a survey where it wants you to share your views on the first draft Contract for the Web.
"While its depth and breadth is a great achievement, we have only taken a first step. We look forward to hearing more voices as we continue to work towards the final contract." said, Adrian Lovett, President and CEO of the Web Foundation.