The Gang of Four

For the past few months, it seemed that everyone was pointing fingers at Google.  Now Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt finds a few reasons to point his finger elsewhere.  He claims that Google, Apple, Amazon, and Facebook are the ruling “Gang of Four”. 

He says that the combined value of these four companies is more than half a trillion dollars.  Considering the current state of the global economy, the fact that these numbers are unprecedented in the history of technology comes as a shock to me.  Most companies are taking a huge hit while he says ruling the four are "exploiting platform strategies" to make their company’s more valuable. 

I think instead of seeing them as a “gang”, we should look to them for ideas to find success in what we do.  In the world of technology, each of us has to keep one foot in the current trend and one foot ahead of the trend.  Just because these four companies rose to the top doesn’t mean that many other companies can’t rise to power.  They paved the road, now let’s drive it.