The Key to the Golden Handcuffs

The Key to the Golden Handcuffs

A business that works without handcuffs” offer up a prolific statement and a perspective that is so filled with a perspective that goes unnoticed by most of us. Finding and identifying the key is the elephant in the room, the tough part for most, but it looks like Ruth offers a clear explanation on how to do it. She is so right in her statement, “being an entrepreneur is as exciting as it is fraught with peril.” Crap, no one tells you about the extent of the peril, but if you ask any leader or business owner if they would change places with it, I am certain that most would say absolutely NOT! It grows the spirit and strengthens the character allowing you to grow as a more confident individual and ultimately an extraordinary leader.

This is a must read book that every business owner should schedule in the coming months...and hopefully sharing with everyone in their network. It will definitely add another perspective to the challenges in employee retention and engagement.


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