Thread Debugging and Tracing Training by C# Corner Mumbai User Group

This is a 2 days free live online session offered by C# Corner Mumbai User Group. All C# Corner members are most welcome to join.

2 days Mumbai User group online chapter

Checkout for recap of Day1 conducted on 11th September 2012



This is an exclusive one hour session for two days where we will see how to debug multi-threaded application and how to use trace and debug to do better debugging.

Time: -  9 PM India time

Recorded session of Debug, Trace, Thread pool and TPL by Mumbai user group


Day 1: - 11 September 2012

Simple application in threading
Why debugging threading is so difficult?
Conditional debugging using thread names
Pause threads
Thaw and freeze
switching between threads.
View call stack

Day 2: - 12 September 2012

Different between Debug and Release
Debug and Trace
DEBUG pre-processor
Using system.Diagnostic

Also see video on debug directive from trainer Mr. Shivprasad Koirala

Steps to install Live Meeting in your local system for attending training: -

·  1) Install live meeting from

·  2) Then, click on Accept terms and install Live Meeting client.

·  3) After installation is complete open the "Live Meeting" by clicking on the Start Menu from your local machine.

Note: In case if you do not see Live Meeting screen to enter credentials then press Esc on your keyboard.

·  4) Once credentials screen is visible enter the following details as per fields.

Login details for training: -

Location: -

Meeting ID: - debugthreading

Entry C*de: - HTB^73sRk

·  5) Now you are ready for the session in the virtual class room.

Note: Attendees can log-in into Live Meeting 15 minutes before training starts.