Three main reasons Facebook's IPO could be worth $100 billion

As you know Facebook is a popular social networking site. It is launched by Mark Zuckerberg in Aug 2004. Today Facebook is most popular.
Facebook is becoming part of the fabric of modern life. There are three main reason for Facebook's IPO could be worth $100 billion. These three reasons are as follows.

1. Reach
2. Dwell
3. Lock-In


Reach : Today Facebook have 800 million users. It means that Facebook have 1/7 th part of the world's whole population. It does not mean the user of Facebook are online every day, but it is a portrait of a large and engaged user base.

Dwell : In US, users spends approx seven hours on Facebook in one month while spends approx two hours on YouTube in one month. That is lot of branding. A lot of information about user's behavior, connections, and preferences being collected.

Lock-In : The performance of social networking sites that have come before Facebook, like Friendster. The many people linked to on Facebook, the more difficult it is to leave.  Disconnecting from this network is not as easy as just moving to a different social networking sites like Google+ and Orkut.