TigerGraph Cloud Now Generally Available

TigerGraph Cloud is a native graph database-as-a-service.

TigerGraph, recently, announced the general availability of TigerGraph Cloud, the first native graph database-as-a-service.
According to company, TigerGraph Cloud is $32 million in Series B funding, and the investment, led by SIG, will boost TigerGraph’s global expansion, fueled by TigerGraph Cloud and its massive appeal to companies.
Source: Tiger 
The company said, in a few minutes and by following easy steps, TigerGraph Cloud users can get started configuring a graph-based solution.
TigerGraph Cloud enables you to build a complete proof of concept in mere hours from one of more than 12 TigerGraph Starter Kits that cover real-world use cases such as customer 360, fraud detection, etc.
TigerGraph Cloud enables you to scale your graph solution up to tens of terabytes and support more than 100,000 real-time deep link analytics queries per second on a single machine. TigerGraph Cloud runs on the new TigerGraph 2.5 that features a new Spark connector, pattern matching, and more built-in data processing functions.
TigerGraph also announced the release of a free tier of TigerGraph Cloud that enables data scientists to experience this technology’s unique power to handle real-world data challenges.