Top Announcements From Google I/O 2018 At A Glance

Let us point out the top announcements of the popular Google I/O 2018 Conference.

Google has just wrapped up the keynote of its popular I/O 2018 Conference. Like previous years, the company has made a lot of announcements for developers in today’ keynote that was kicked off by CEO Sundar Pichai.

Then, the chain of news started with exciting announcements one after other from the tech giant. Here, let us point out the top announcements of the event.

  • Android P features are unveiled, such as – three-button navigation is gone, digital wellbeing dashboard is introduced, a new look is given, ability to set a time limit for individual apps. The new OS is available in Beta right now while the full-fledged version will be available this summer.

  • Google Assistant has got six new additional voices while the voice of legendary John Legend will also be added to it later this year.
  • Google will be launching Smart Displays with Google Assistant this July. A demonstration on stage showed the display pulling up Jimmy Kimmel Live on YouTube TV.
  • Gmail has got a new Smart Reply feature with a really cool AI-enabled Smart Compose element that helps the Gmail draft emails for you. The feature will be live within a few weeks.

  • Google Maps is getting a makeover to become more like a social experience with some unique features like “For You” tab that helps you search businesses nearby your neighborhood. Also, now you can navigate through the city using Augmented Reality experience in Google Maps. Point your camera in a direction, and Google will pair AI with Street View data to give you an interactive, AR turn-by-turn experience when you’re on the move.

  • Google Photos gets AI-powered smart editing features like an ability to detach a subject from the background, make a black and white images colored. Also, it Cn analyze the images while swiping and recommend fixes.

  • Google News is also getting the power of AI. The company says “it uses artificial intelligence to analyze all the content published to the web at any moment, and organize all of those articles, videos, and more into storylines. It spots the ones you might be interested in and puts them in your briefing.”

  • Google Lens can now copy a text from real-world objects using camera app and use it on the phone.

 Well, like every year, Google has rocked its fans and users with a bucketful of cool amazing updates and features, most of which are powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. We hope these updates will make our lives easy and more efficient.