TOP of 2012

We are nearing year end and beginning of another year with lot of hope and plans for some new features to be incorporated into the site. 

Let's rewind and see what we achieved this year.

In April 2012, C# Corner V12.0 was launched with some cool new features and a new user interface. New profile page with all information about the author at one place was made available.

After every couple of months, we pushed a major release with new features and fixes. July 2012 saw some new features like "Notifications icon", Article History, and some already existing section like interviews and idea revamped.

Then in September and October 2012, we had some new features like "In Focus", Editorial Feedback for articles added. Also some section like my account, photos etc. were re-designed.

And major feature we incorporated this year is to comment using social media like Facebook. This allows users to post comments using their Facebook account instead of C# Corner account.

Announced MVP Summit 2013 to be held in New Delhi in the month of March, 2013. C# Corner MVP Summit is a 3 days annual meeting where C# Corner MVPs, authors, chapter leaders, moderators, editors and experts meet, demonstrate, plan and hang out. One day of the summit is open to C# Corner members.

As a result, we achieved a huge traffic increase and lot of new authors contributing to the site.

We like to end this year with some hot posts from this year. They are:
  1. Top articles of 2012
  2. Top Blogs of 2012
  3. Top News of 2012
  4. Top Members of 2012
From C# Corner Team, we like to thank each and every member for their continuing support and contributions to the site. This year saw lot of member feedback and will look to have more in the years to come. 



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