Topcoder Announces New Data Science And AI Features

Topcoder adds new data science and AI features to the Topcoder Platform to Advance Enterprise Analytics.

Topcoder, a Wipro company, recently, announced the addition of new data science and AI features to the Topcoder Platform.


Topcoder Platform now includes native GPU support and it allows you to develop advanced analytic solutions with any tool, library or cloud application service.





Michael P. Morris, Global Head of Crowdsourcing, Wipro Limited, said "Topcoder is a bridge between IT talent and the enterprises that need them most with a fast, scalable, flexible outcome-based software development model that makes groundbreaking design, development, data science and testing possible through the gig economy workforce."


The new data science and AI features include Native GPU Support, Container-based Solution Evaluation System, Multi-layer Privacy, Security, Contest Casting, and Crowd Powered Analytics.


To learn more you can visit the official announcement here.