Trading Desk application's UI completed in just a couple of weeks

Business Need Montrusco Bolton Investments had a VB 6.0 application that didn't meet their requirements anymore as the trading process was too long and complicated. As a result, they decided to create a new trading desk application which would be simple, easy to use and reliable. It should be used by the Money Market traders and must allow them to get the trading job done in a few hours instead of the whole day with a nearly automated process. The application needed to be coded and deployed in a very short time frame. The project was divided into two parts; the first one was to generate the transactions and the other to distribute these transactions. The whole project was to be done in a few months. The first part of the project was done in .NET and took almost 2 months to do, so the second part had to be completed in only a few weeks The Solution The company originally developed applications in VB 6.0 and switched to C# a few years ago as well as from Windows applications to web based applications because of the ease of the deployment and maintenance processes (no more problems with missing DLLs). For this project, coding in C# seemed as the only solution available. "Then one day I read an email from Microsoft describing Visual WebGui and I decided to give it a try. I fell in love with it!" Said Ghislain Préseau, Analyst Programmer at MBI. With Visual WebGui the team was able to create an application where the data is saved automatically to the database without any special action from the user. When the user modifies something in a grid, information can be saved right away. Using any other conventional web programming solution would have lead to using AJAX or other means to send the information to the database, which is much more complicated to do and would have resulted in poor user experience and UI performance as the user would be waiting for the control to come back to the client. "Developing an application with Visual WebGui is a charm," Préseau said. "UI design is done in a snap and coding is as easy as building a Windows application." The entire showcase can be viewed here