Try F# - A New Wave of Education

Create and share code with new Try F#.

A new version of its Try F# web portal for developers interested in the open source multi-paradigm programming language has been launched by Microsoft. The new resource features tutorials and information to learn the fundamentals of F# through new domain-specific tutorials.

According to an official statement from Microsoft, "Try F# is geared to areas of focus such as data science, statistics, advanced computing, visualization, and machine learning. This focus provides a significant tool to those without extensive programming skills to run multiple data sets against computing algorithms, visualize correlations to make key decisions on further research and discovery, and prevents the need to use multiple programming interfaces."

The active F# community contributes tools for Vim, Linux, Mac, Android, JavaScript, and HTML5.

More commentary on F# can be found on the Microsoft Research Connections blog. The Try F# site is not just a bunch of tutorials; it lets users write code in the browser and share it with others on the web to help grow the community of F# developers.