Tweaked Apple TV contains A5 instead of A5X chip

Formerly this year, a software apprise for the Apple TV publicized a new device labeled “AppleTV3,2”. Apple’s latest breed of set-top boxes housed an A5X, dual-core SoC, though a recent teardown reveals that Apple has actually equipped the television product with a die-shrunk A5, which boasts a single CPU core, reports The Verge.

The tweaked third generation Apple TV has a part number of A1469 and detect that the A5 inside was approximately 50 percent smaller than the last generation's already-shrunken chip. The new A5 chip measure just 6x6 mm it’s unclear how the smaller chip is being produced; though, the 28-nanometer process from TSMC is a possibility. This would be notable as it could be the first iOS device processor not manufactured by Samsung.


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