Twilio Launches Fax API

The most popular and essential service of its time, “Fax” has now got a makeover. Twilio has launched a programmable Fax API that works as a bridge between any software application and a traditional Fax machine making it easy to send or recieve fax from within an application. 
For making the Fax programming easier for developers, the company has gone beyond providing an API. Helper libraries are launched alongside so that the API can be integrated with any programming language of developer’s choice and alos, it simplifies the connection process.
The company boasts of providing a very developer friendly API with generic price structure on Pay-as-you-go basis. Also, it can bve used with other services offered by Twilio for better and faster outcomes.
In official blog, the company states,
“Software is flexible. We’ve grown accustomed to bending it in and around obstacles to solve problems. Fax, like most legacy hardware, couldn’t bend the same way as software. With this release, fax becomes a great deal more flexible.

A great deal of businesses use both software and legacy hardware, like fax, to solve problems. Unfortunately, switchover costs and logistical constraints tend to keep those tedious, outdated legacy systems in place. This release gives those organization more dexterity when it comes to fax.”
To learn more about how to send or receive a fax, you can go to the documentation page. and to learn about users cases and price details, please visit the Flexible Fax API page.
However, for niow, the Fax API is in Beta and is available for US and Canada but a full-fledged stable global version will be there soon, by next month as told by company.
“Twilio Programmable Fax is supported globally for outbound faxes. We are rolling out support for inbound phone numbers for all of Twilio’s voice enabled inventory. The first batch of numbers to be enabled are in the US & Canada with the rest of the inventory coming online over the next month.”